Code FastFoundations™

A task-based introduction to writing scientific software with Python®

This is a five (5) day live event which covers everything you need to start writing software. Our goal is to point you in the right direction and give you all the tools, tips and techniques to make your foray into the world of software development as clear as possible.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • have a firm grasp of how to use the Python standard library to accomplish design goals;
  • work with Python's object-oriented programming approach;
  • have all the basic tools in place to deliver working software through simple and intuitive user interfaces;
  • have the fundamental skills to work with essential third party libraries in your domain.

Course Requirements

To complete this course you will need:

Course Structure

This is a live course covered of five (5) days and is structured as follows:

  • Day 1 - Understanding processes, outlining processes, string formatting and regular expressions
  • Day 2 - Introducing files and paths, special file formats, process control
  • Day 3 - Special purpose libraries, relevant third party libraries, visualisation
  • Day 4 - Object-oriented Python concepts
  • Day 5 - Software design, building with quality, user interfaces, packaging and distributing software


If you are interested in scheduling a live, on-site training session please get in touch with us through [email protected].


“It is a very useful course. The presenter is very patient and good at delivering and sharing the knowledge. He helped very much when lost in the middle of the cl[a]ss at times. The content was advanced but will be very useful in future.”

“Paul has been an excellent teacher! I loved how enthusiastic and how helpful he was! Although some of the lessons were a bit fast paced, I felt like I could keep up 9/10 times and was never scared to ask Paul a question. I had no experience in Python, and feel that I have learned a lot in the past week. It's very intense and requires full attention, but Paul is able to keep your attention at every step.”

“I thought the course was really good, the instructor was very patient and passionate, and the coursework felt relevant and helpful. At some points, especially in the first week of the Code FastFoundations™ course the pace was a bit fast, and as previously noted the harder material was left to the end of the day, but both of these issues were greatly improved by the end of the week. Overall, I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wishes to learn python and the basics of software development.”

“The course was overwhelming at first but towards the end was a lot more manageable and enjoyable. Throughout, Paul was very supportive and a great teacher.”